The effects of the media on people’s lives? Are these justified?

Many people say their actions have been influence by the media, here an example a video game “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA) have been bans from Thailand, 2008 after a teenager killed a taxi driver in a copycat crime. Teenager clamed that he has been influence by the GTA to kill a taxi driver but what about other gamer that have play GTA why they not just go out and kill someone? Media in this case “video game” that violence contains it is very easy for people to say that it make them violence but if we look around TV Show, YouTube, newspaper, books the all have violence and we still lives our life normal.

Another case that people are concern is the social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instargram etc. will make us in this generation behavioral changes by becoming anti social and so on to aggressive or depressive. This is a very concern of many parents these days. These behavioral changes are influences form the information that come with the media such as the violence through the status, pictures, and videos that people posted on the social network. Secondary concern about the use of the social media is societies personality changes. A million of picture, status, and video have been shared per day. Every posted have been editing, filter, and changed what we see on other profile or blog is not their real personality. People can’t stop using the social network as they trying to create their perfect little life. Social media bullying as it is free to posts and comments to the social media and this is the ways for some people whom bullying other by posting bad thing about other or comment some thing that may make other feel bad. There is a news about a student where forced to drink toilet water by other teens and post the video to the social media. This is a big case in New York that make people aware of social media bullying that it is some thing that make them feel bad, don’t want to go out side and destroy their social life.

Media is a big part of our lives it is sure that they are influence us in positive ways or negative ways depending on how we use them. The video games if we use it as a entertaining its wouldn’t have a problem but if we think that we have to be the same as the character in the video game in real life that would be problem as I said before in 2008, Thailand.

The media allow us to get the information through the platform such as; newspaper, TV, YouTube video channel. We are all the time learning new thing through media example, you can look up how to fix you phone or how to cook or everything you can think of possible at YouTube. (It’s probably the best way to learn from the video) video game entertaining us makes us happy and increases our logical idea.

Culture, social economic, media, family, friends, place, government, education, technology, environment make us who we are. Media should not take full responsibility for an effect on people lives.

 Reference:, (2008). Thailand bans Grand Theft Auto after copycat murder. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Mar. 2015].

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  1. I absolutely agree with your opinion and point of view here in the first paragraph. It would be wrong to completely criticise and solely blame the use of video games, such as Grand Theft Auto, for behavioural changes in people that play the game. There could millions of other external and internal influences that could possibly change an individual’s behaviour including the ones you have listed.
    Again, I agree with your ideas regarding the effects of social media and cyber bullying and how they are related.
    I like the ideas you have articulated as it really allowed me to gain a deep understanding of your stance among the effects of media on behaviour, personality and social life. I also like the way you included examples to back up your opinions.


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