Copyright !?!

I think it is a good thing that we are trying to be fair to everyone by having copyright laws but in the other hand it is stupid to have the copyright laws, as we can’t enforce it and we are still get all free stuff from the internet anyway.

I believe that many people have used “Torrent” to download music, movie etc. from the Internet but do we know how the Torrent works? I guess most of the people don’t. The Torrent is downloading from peer to peer, which mean they are download from other user that use Torrent (other people computer). This mean it is impossible for the government to enforce the copyright over the power of the Internet. If they can they have to take down all the Torrent’s user, which is about 150 Million monthly user.

The recent case of YouTube took all the video games review of many YouTubers down as the video contains the picture of the games. As the customers do we have right to review the context of the games? Let me know what do you think.

Here is the YouTube video I made about Copyright:


TorrentFreak, (2012). uTorrent & BitTorrent Surge to 150 Million Monthly Users | TorrentFreak. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Mar. 2015].


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  1. This blog post was really interesting and the YouTube video you created was really creative and got across the point of downloading media really well. I agree with you that governmental controls on downloading media on the internet is really hard due to the fact these ‘crimes’ are happening all over the world and every minute of the day. Additionally, I believe that the public should have the right to review video games as it can help inform another person’s choice in buying the game but it may also give away spoilers and could potentially ruin the gaming experience for others who watch video game reviews. I think this subject is a really grey area and it is extremely hard to choose a side, so to say.


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