Locked Appliances VS Generative Platforms

A locked appliance is the hardware that limited access to the software. Example of locked appliance is the Apple products. They not only sell the hardware but they sell the software to the user too. The products are locked to use with the software that they have (user cannot customizes). Advantage of the locked appliances is it easier for the user to use. Disadvantage is that they are more expensive than open platforms.

Generative platforms or open hardware that unlimited access to the software. In this case it is an Android it is allow the user to modify and redistribute the original software on the device this give connectivity between the users in this system. Advantage is that the user has more choice in software that mean it is cost effective but they can be really hard to use sometime.

Nothing is perfect between locked appliances and generative platforms. Which one would you use depending on what you want?Have a look at this video and lets me know what you choose between Apple and Android.

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