Who controls the media? Is it matter?

I am sure that everybody are on the media Facebook, YouTube, News Limited, Instargram which is owned by Facebook. These companies have controls over what we posted. If they want to take your posted down they can do. The news companies control over what are you going to see by present only a part of the story to get you to feel in the same way that they want. Why would they do that? The answer is they want more controls over our lives.

We are following the news as we wonder what is happening around us. But where do we get this information? Media news websites, newspapers, TV program, radios, CNN, BBC, YouTube, Facebook; there are more than 100 media platform for us but a few companies that own them. They are a business that have goal to achieve that is profit. Different company base in different countries sure that when they present the stories through the media they have different attitudes toward the same story. For example “Iraqi militant leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri Killed”. The CNN header is “King of Clubs Killed”, BBC header is “Saddam aide Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri killed in iraq”. This is show that CNN is targeting the audiences inside the USA as the name “King of Clubs” is the name of “Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri” for the US military different to BBC that targeting world wide audiences by use a simple header.

News Limited is one of the Australian largest media companies. This company owned many of the media in Australia and oversea such as; The Australian, The Weekend Australian, GQ Australia, Inside Out, etc. the information is come form one company same perspective same point of view. Can we believe all the stories that have been posted on the media by the same corporation? I don’t think so as it is only have one point of view that they have set for us to understand.

Now the question is can we get 100% accurate information from the media? I truly don’t think that we can get 100% information from the media due to different languages, time, culture, and generation etc. The information also has been influence from the people around you and makes you see the information different to what the deliver trying to say. How can I get the most accurate information? By getting the information from different sources at least 3 to 4 sources them compare them together I will get the most reliable information.

It is matter who controls the media. Nowadays the information that we get from the media has been controls by many big corporations. It is harder for us to get the real information as those corporations getting bigger and have more controls of the media.


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