Media Consumers

In this fast changing world the internet is keep on growing bigger and bigger, platform such as; YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and other sharing video website are more open and allowed more people to be their consumers. We as the audience has change the way consume from TV program, Video tape, CD, DVD, and now a day online e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and other video sharing website.

As technologies make it easier to consume it also make it easier for people to copy each other work. For example you can download every YouTube video available by using only link and the Internet. This is why we have the copyright laws to protect the people who own the right of the work. But it doesn’t mean you can use someone work at all, you can still use a little bit which is call “fair used”.

About 3 week ago one of my friend try to upload one of his video of him playing guitar but he couldn’t upload it because the YouTube server pick the match up contents from the video. So I think it would make a video to upload to YouTube and Vimeo but I am going to use licensed music to see if YouTube and Vimeo pick up the contents of my video and its turn out that they didn’t.

Here is my video:

Is the technology make it easier for use to consume or make it harder for us to use the media?

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  1. Really good example of how copyright laws are stopping users from sharing their content! Loved how you used a personal experience to exemplify the topic, and the video was also a great accompaniment (:


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