Rip Mix Burn

I had MacBook for 7 years in the first 2 year I don’t know what “Final Cut” or IMovie was in my laptop for until I start to have a phone with the camera e.g. iPhone then I started to play with Final Cut and IMovie by making a shot film with my own footage and other people footage that I have download from YouTube put them together mix them together to finish the films.

Technology has change the way we do things; it is allow us to remix everything on the media for example using Final Cut to remix video or Logic to remix the music. This day there are a lot of remix music and remix video.

Here is the example:

After I have watch “The Amen Break – The world’s most important 6 – second drum loop” in lecture I notice that there are a lot of music that use the same drum loop and this make me think of the lecture in week III about “Copyright” which make me wonder who own the 6 second drum loop. Turn out that a guy called “Gregory Cylvester Coleman” first use in 1969 it’s the time that people start to create the music by looping the sound. (link:

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