Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling is known as transmedia narrative, multiplatform storytelling, and cross – media seriality. It is telling one main story to the different platform e.g. game, book, film, event, and television. I made YouTube video about the transmedia of the “Iron Man”. Iron Man started from comic book in 1960s by Marvel and 1 fist film in 2008 follows with other film such as; The Incredible Hulk, and The Avangers. Then come to the video games first one in 2008 after the first movie. And all other platform that Marvel

Here is the video I recreated :


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  1. I always understood that Marvel had created Iron Man over a number of platforms, starting with the comic book, but I have only ever seen the movies. In the comics and the video game, do these other platforms explain further details to the movies, or are they different stories/adventures progressing from the movie? And I know that the Avengers are still movies, but it extends so far from the original Iron Man plot, as for the other Marvel characters also. Though the Avengers is still a movie, it is not seen as multi media because it has a completely different plot, nor seen as transmedia because it is the same platform as the movies from the different Marvel characters involved. What category do these cut off movies fall into, as the Avengers for example, where they include multiple characters with a completely different plot from their original solo movies?

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