Citizen Journalism good or bad??

First question what is “citizen journalism”? I have looked it up on Google and its turn out that citizen journalism is known as “Public, or street journalism” (Wikipedia, 2013). Technology makes it easier for everyone to become journalism. Every minute, every second there are new post across the media such as: Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter and other platform that we use. We can easily get news from these media.

Now a day everyone can get to the Internet and post the article, news, or what ever they want to but the question is citizen journalism good or bad? I think it is little bit of both.

Good thing about street journalism:

  • It is fast to get the news from street journalism as they can be anyone at the moment of happening
  • The audience will get different point of view unlikely the view from news company
  • There is no content filter

Bad thing about street Journalism

  • The contents that haven’t been editing maybe not match with the audience
  • The people who want to become popular in the media can just make up the story
  • The language that they are use may be have the effect to the audience perspective

I am thinking that some citizen journalisms are a lot better than actual journalism. Just look at the news I have screenshot:

10366197_10155532207035389_8304782316016658106_nclick on the photo for larger

$1.49 per day or $42 per week. Seems like some funny math going on here.

Another one:

11182033_10155562235120389_2758778823444337908_nclick on the photo for larger

1.2 what? Million? I don’t only read finance

Maybe the technology has done something to us? What do you think about “Citizen Journalism”?

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  1. After reading your blog post on citizen (or street) journalism, it questioned me to look over and re evaluate the good and bad aspects of this type of journalism. For the good points, it allows anyone to interpret what their side of the story is, or better yet, if an individual was at the center of their story, they can share what happened. Street journalism allows for so much more perspective and ideas from a range of individuals. But this aspect of ‘everyone can be a journalist’, this demonstrates how difficult and varying that this element can be. Because it allows for such alternate opinions and interpretations, an individual that knows barely anything on a certain topic or story, can have an opinion and influence others. This is what makes me question the reliability of street journalism. Do you think that street journalism can be safe for individuals to distribute such a range of information?


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