Craft and Digital Making

When I think of technology I think of a better way of doing thing for example; from film camera that we can only take 30-40 photos in a role to the digital camera that we can take 1000 photos ++ depend on the card. From book to eBook. Pretty much just from “physical to digital”. Turn out that this week lecture is about “digital to actual thing” and this make me think of the concept of 3D printing. Start from design on the computer then 3D printing (should I call it 4D printing because I can touch and feel it as well?) to the finish object. I look it up on you Tube and found that they pretty much 3d printing everything from car, guns to eye ring.

This video follow me up with the question if everyone can print anything they want at home then it going to be hard copy right control. And in this case the gun license. If you want to buy a gun you need to have license but how about you make your own gun at home? Is it right to do?


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