Why Globalisation and Why not Globalisation

What is “Globalisation”? It is the influence of the international community by the media technology, economic, political, and the military. In this fast changing world many people say we all need the global impact to lives better but some say the world influences have negative impact on our lives. Here from what I understand globalisation can have negative and positive effect depending on how we see it.

Let start with the negative size of the globalisation, it is allow opportunity for the business to achieve the economy of scale by moving their factory to other country that have a cheaper labour and material by doing this it is allow the rich to be richer and the created the big gap between the rich people and poor people as the evident show in 2005 united nation human development report that the 50 richest people have a combined income more than the income of the poorest of 416 million people (Media and Society, M. O’Shughnessy, p.464). It is also have impact on the environmental such as; global warming the CO2 is the key of global warming it is created by the transport from ship, truck, factory, train, and airplane and this are run by the global connection between the countries and with in the countries. Another aspect is the culture, the lost of original culture as resulted by the influence from other culture e.g. in Singapore they used to speak “Malay, Mandarin, Tamil” with the influence of western world now they are speak English nearly 90% of the population. Through their lost of the language they lose their sense of identity.

However the globalisation also have positive factor in our every day life. It is bring people together by the communication technological said by Marshail McLuhan; by this it is allow us to learn new ideas and cultures this is resulted in the innovation of the new technology and educational. The communication technology also allow everyone voice to be heard through the global media and over the Internet. The globalisation also allow the “globe to give the money to help” (Media and Society, M. O’Shughnessy, p.461) in the natural disaster for example the Indian ocean tsunami in 2004 the global media such; news channel, and the internet allow the people around the world to know what happened. This give immediately aid to the countries that they needed. The globalisations also have positive impact on many businesses. The businesses that have the factory in the high labour rate countries such as Australia, USA, England etc. to have opportunity to move the other countries that have a lower labour rate such as China, Thailand, and India additionally it is providing a number of jobs in the developing countries.

Is globalisation good or bad? It is give positive and negative influence to every one but to have positive aspect from globalisation it is depend on how we control it.


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