Transnational Film

What is transnational film? It is the combination of the films elements from many countries, example; social economic, cultures, and people. It is something that not belongs to one nation or own by one group of people. The transnational cinema also can understand as the global influence that link the people together across the nation and international. This is done by the use of specific range of the mediums such as; DVD, television, Internet, and any other platform.

In the older day the films usually use to represent the culture of their own nation often in the positive aspect. Film industries start to become popular in the 1890s. Example; Hollywood in the United State, Pathe in France. In 1900s Pathe Company is the largest film production equipment in the world it is takes part in the “20 century” and have office over around the world. In this fast changing world the American company “HOLLYWOOD” start to become popular and over take the French company, in the 1930s Hollywood has cover 80% of the films industry round the world (Harvard Business Review). In 2009 the UNESCO survey show that the top ten most film in countries around the world, 9 of them come from the USA and one of them come from UK. In 2011 the top ten popular movies around the world are from the United State this have shown the popularity of the Hollywood film.

In another side of the world China have a very strict film censorship. In 1927 there are no films that show Chinese people badly allow in the cinema. 1994 china allows 10 Hollywood films, in 2001 allow 20 Hollywood films, and in 2012 there were 34 Hollywood films allowed in the cinema. This changed is base on the Chinese political, now they are open and more willing to discover new idea and new perspective from the western society.

Screen Shot 2558-09-04 at 3.30.58 PM

Why do the films companies spend so much on their production? Why do countries spent so much in to this industry? Many people may not see the benefit of the film industry but according to Harvard political scientist Joseph Nye, it is a “tool to promote national and corporate interests”. You can see that the movie that made by the American company such as Hollywood will encourage a good side of the American, China and India (Bollywood) also using films to promote their culture values and interest with the world. And this leading to the better economic growth.

In West Asia there is a Bollywood or people known, as Hindi films are very popular in Russia, Middle East, UK, and Africa for a long time. It is start to become popular in the US in 2000s as result in the winning of the film “Avata” which based on the Hindu concepts.

Many people may not know that Avata is borrow the concept from Indian mythology, Star war have been influence by Kurosawa, and Kung Fu Panda using a Chinese aspect.

The question is “by using the aspect of a culture that they don’t be long to, is it still a transnational films or just the video that make to get the most money?”


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