Global Film: Nollywood and Korean Cinema

I guess everyone knows the Hollywood, Fox studios, Paramount. And know how it is taking a big part in the film market. But I’m pretty sure that only some of you will know “Nollywood”, and “Korean Cinema”. Nollywood is based in Nigeria and Korean Cinema is from South Korea.

Starting with the second largest film industry in number of production “Nollywood”. Nollywood is a Nigeria’s booming film company. The film productions usually set at low budget and time to finish the film. An average production will cost about 15 000 $USD and about 10 days of filming, editing. The company has roughly 300 producers working with the end result of somewhere between 600-1000 films per year. One good thing about this film industry is that the producers do NOT need new equipment, new technology software in order to produce the movie. They only buy better equipment and new technology if it affordable. Starting from give away camera that not has a good definition to high definition camera system. After the editing in the computer the movie go to DVD and VCD and go straight to the corner store, movie store. Each film production have the average selling of 50 000 copies. One of the reasons that Nollywood done really well different to the big brother “Hollywood” is that the films are making in the local, and this give the familiarity of the story to the audiences. Nollywood play a big part in the African society by education them through out the films as they claim that the Western media misrepresent their continent, showing only calamities like war, disease, corruption.

There is a new trend across Asia called the “Korean Cinema”. The popularity of South Korean television drama and music has push out the western and Japanese away from the Asia market this is achieve by the use of the themes that many Asian audiences can relate to it easier. It is usually about family issues and love story, also the traditional values with in Asia. The South Korean government also plays a big role in the success of the Korean Cinema by reinforce the copyright laws. In 2012 South Korea has become the 12th largest economy in the world and this give the benefit to the Korean filming industry, as it is allow more fund into its entertainment. The company now able to produce good movies similar to Hollywood’s movies.

Example of the Korean film

The booming of the Korean cinema has a huge positive impact on the relationship that South Korean have to neighboring countries by sharing the positive lifestyle to the film and this created a positive lifestyle for many Asian people.

The cultures that South Korean has are similar to the western cultures and this similarity will be the connector between the western world and the eastern world. This so on creating more opportunity for Korean film to hit the western market and for the western to get into the Asian market.


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