Internationalising Education

In this fast changing world education is the key to become success in our life, to get a good job and to be at where we want to be. But education in your own country may be not enough as you get the same perspective and idea all the times. The way out of this boring same idea is the international education.


Australian are benefit from the international student as they can study and exchange different culture values. Australia is a big market for international education especially in Asia. Many people from Asia come to Australia to get a better education and to learn the international language, which is “English”. The education in different countries give them different point of view in order to solve the problem. International student also have to learn and live in the set environment that they have to do everything or speak in English. And this will help them with their working life after the university’s life. To this the globalization has given us many benefit from travailing, trading between countries. The people who can speak more then one language or can communication with other countries will get the most out of it. The international students who are the one that more likely works in different places, as they are easier to adapt them self to different culture. Most of the international student fined that they are known more than two cultures and this give them advantage in the situation that need to negotiation between the two cultures. And this has been show over the work place example; Sydney International Airport is having some people who knowing multiple cultures. And the employees who can speak different language such as; Hindi, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and more. These highlight the important of international education.

The international education in Australia is beauty for many Australian and oversea students but some people may be disagreeing. In 2009-2010 there are high profile of violent attacks on Indian student in Australia the police say that the attacks are racially motivated. The attacked have impact on Australian economic, education, tourism, and trade with other countries. It has “cost Australia billions of dollars and thousand of jobs” (Beyond the Lost Decade report). The reasons that cost Australia so much is that the international students are consider the safety and security as the first aspect. ‘Most international students want closer interaction with local students, and are prepared to take risks to achieve this. … Most local students are not interested’ (Marginson 2012: 1, see also Vogl and Kell 2011). This is clearly highlighted that many Australian still not accepting people form other countries.

International education allow us to learn some thing different that can adapt to use in our life in different place and culture.


Kell, P and Vogl, G (2007) ‘International Students: Negotiating life and study in Australia through Australian Englishes’,  Everyday Multiculturalism Conference Proceedings,Macquarie University, 28-29 September 2006.

Lecture delivered at the University of Wollongong, 21 February 2012, available online at


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