MEDA102 Assessment 3 – Process Diary


To “Create a work that is composed of iterated and/or repetitive procedural action”

The main concept is about the people and how we are really small compare to the galaxy. The work will be a star photography that has repetition and iteration with in the work. Now a day it is very hard to see the stars in the sky, as there is light pollution the use of the repetition of the images will allow the stars to be visible but every image will be different as the world is orbiting and rotating.


Taking the star photos

1 Kiama, NSW

2 Wingello State Forest, NSW

More research to the art works in the class discussion and lecture that have iterated and/or repetitive with in the work.



The work from Antony has the repetition and iteration of the human body in different places as you can see from the photos. This has given me the main idea of the work that where we are does not change our own identity. I am start taking the photos of my friend in different places


Example of the contact sheet of the work



Came up with 6 final photos asking people in the class and the tutor and they give me the feed back that if I could do more photos the work will be much more interesting


By the end of the week I came up with 16 final photos. And my artist statement

“Our position, not only geographically but within society itself, forms our views and attitudes. 

Throughout our lives these views and attitudes may change due to our exposure to a cohort of individuals, each with their own mixed perceptions and beliefs. 

We should however remain true to own understanding of what is right and what is wrong. It is these understandings that form the foundations of our identity. This is all that remains once everything else is stripped away.

This work captures the notion that despite what is occurring around us in the world we should not be swayed into wronging others. We must remain true to ourselves and stand for what we determine is right.”


Get the images and artist statement print

Final work at the Gallery.

IMG_3813 IMG_3806


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