Cameraless film 1

Paniti Thongsima

Time based media

Cameraless film 1

The rhythm of this film is from the chosen song “It’s not my fault, I’m happy.” is by a band named Passion Pit, whose main artist is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The song builds sections where an upbeat repetitive rhythm is constructed only to suddenly break the pattern juxtaposing a new beat, a new movements, a new unforeseen mood. Potentially, representing a significant mood swing between the highs and depressing lows associated with this disorder.

Clear film leader in combination with coloured markers were used in order to convert this musical emotional states into the visual media format. The rapid changes in the songs moods were represented by the distinct changes in the visual shapes and movements. Colour was also similarly utilised the brights as the highs and darks as the lows.

Mental illness’ such as bipolar will affect (45%) nearly half of Australian’s throughout their lives ( (2016). Facts & figures. [Online]). If you or anyone you know suffers from mental illness. Please seek help from Beyond blue or alternatively organisation.

References: (2016). Facts & figures. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2016].

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