Research Proposal

Research topic: Student’s biorhythm and the university timetable, what university can do to help with their study?

Project description


Choosing the research topic for BCM210 has been difficult for me over the pasted weeks. Thinking and looking at myself and the problem around myself, it is come up to my curiosity about university’s timetable. With this I come up with the research topic about the university timetable are suitable for every student or not. This idea is come from when I’m at the university some time I feel very productive but sometime I feel like I learn nothing at all, at the end I have to go home to do all the study again to understand the weekly topic this happen depending on the different time and day of the week. From my experience as an international student at the UOW I am personally finding that echo360 is helping me a lot with my study as it is allow to study when I have the energy and when I feel ready to study.

Have you ever wondered what times of the day are productive and best for study? This research will let me to investigate into dynamic of the students at the Wollongong University and it will give the information to the university about what can they do more to help their students with study other than providing lecture slides and lecture video on echo360 (for some subjects).


The aims of this research is to:

  • Investigate the usefulness of the echo360 (should echo360 be use in every subject?)
  • Prove and demonstrate that different time/day can affect the human performance (in this case ‘study’)
  • To show what student need from the university to help with their education


  • Collecting the data
  • The research require information from the University about timetable and what they do to help the students to get the most out of study experience
  • Survey questions the students at the university. Example question are:
    • When is the best time for you to study throughout the week?
    • Do you have any issue with the timetable you have? Why?
    • What can university do to help you study?
    • Do you think echo360 and provided lecture note help you get a better study experience?
    • They’re maybe barriers in the collecting data process as every people have different personality and life styles this barrier can be over come by divide the survey to the group such as: Employment, age group, the degree that they study.
    • In this particular research is involving human As the project is conducting of the study activity in some survey question.
  • The research does not involve animal ethics or any safety implications.
  • Travel does not require in this research as it is conducting at the university of Wollongong
  • Fieldwork does not require in the project

Expected outcomes, significance or rationale

The research is very important for myself, university students and the university itself, in order for the students to learn and to gain knowledge as much as possible from their limited of time at the university. The result will also enable the university to improve it performance in teaching and educating.

With this project, I expect it will deliver a decent useful data for the university and student in the university to improve their study routine.

The expected outcomes are:

  • Many students will find that the timetables they have are suit the time that they have and find that very productive.
  • Many may find that study at home by using echo360 and lecture note are more productive.
  • Some would say ether way is suitable for them (lee ,2014)
  • everyone’s body isn’t the same (sue, 2012)

Timetable and Time frame

Time frame of this research is taking between 5-7 weeks

Data collection for this research should take the first 3 weeks. The review and analysis should frame on the 4th and 5th week. the full report should be done the week after.


1 Comment

  1. Your research proposal is rather interesting. I know personally my own biorhythm is one that will never be comfortable with an 8:30 lesson, so it will be intriguing to see what your research finds. Your proposal covers many aspects of a good research project and is easy to read. I think references and consulting other articles on your topic may have helped in providing more evidence and theories to your proposal. It may be beneficial to look into some secondary resources in order to further your own understanding and build your research off. Such as other articles written on what universities can do to further help their students or possibly research into when people (more specifically students) are most productive and why this might be the case.
    Good luck with your research.


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