Faster and Faster and Faster (But Australia)

After watching the lecture about global nervous system, the first thing I think of is the lecture video itself. Getting the video from YouTube servers to my laptop at home in just a second. I have to say “Thank you” to Ted for making the video and put them on YouTube this give me a new learning experience I want. 2 things I want to cover in the blog are the Internet and network topology.


I have to complaint about the how slow the Internet is, in Australia (developed country). According to The Sydney Morning Herald (click here) in 2015, Australia has peak of 39.3Mbps. Thailand (developing country) has peak of 63.7Mbps. Aus. government doesn’t see the important of the Internet?

Network topology. What is it? It’s layout of a network and how they communicate and connect to each other. It is the way for the data to passes from one device to the next device. Here is my drawing


Common use topology is star topology as it is easy to connect and fast processing. But the down side is, if the centre hub crashing the network stops. An example of this is ATM.

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