This week lecture, focus topic is “liquid labour”. First question that come in my head ‘what is it?’. From what I understanding it is a free flow of data [information] which no need of physical association in the work.


In this fast changing world, advancement of the technology allow more and more opportunities in the economy system as the knowledge are just a few taps and clicks on every devices 24/7. And this empowers efficiency [flexibility, productivity] in the work, which gives cost advantage to the organization. At the end = more profit.

The Pros

  • Work from home
  • Connection around the world
  • Real time conversation
  • Skype meeting [anytime, anywhere]
  • Confortable work place

The Cons

  • Less face to face time at work
  • Find right time for communication
  • Some believe its decrease productivity


Why do we have online lecture?

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