Re-Examining the Autoethnography and THE STATE OF PALAY

Ellis. (2011)“Approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyses personal experience in order to understand cultural experience.”

Time for me to get back to work and re-thinking about the first post for DIGC330, “AUTOETHNOGRAPHY AND THE PLAY OF STATE.” First, lets rundown an “autoethnography.” It is a research method in which the researcher using their reflection and personal experiences to write a story that give meaning and understanding to wider cultural, social and political.

starcraft-fastest-zerg-protoss[StarCraft I]

In the first post, I listed my thoughts about; different perspective in ‘sport’, gender equality, and friendship on the film “State of Play” [South Korean film by Steven Dhoedt in 2013]. The film is a documentary of a 3 young men [beginner, semi pro, and the pro] gaming the StarCraft I. In my last blog, I didn’t go deep in details on my thoughts because at that time, I think it’s just a documentary of someone playing games.

After I have a discussion in class, more extended research about the text, and this week re-examining the first blog. I found that many aspects in the films could relate to every society and culture. Today blog, I want to go details about gender equality. From what we see in the film, there are only focus at boys as gammers and girls as supporters [Like celebrity and fans] this similar to every physical sport worldwide.

There are many organizations such as; ASC, AWRA that trying to support and promote women’s sport as they believe in gender equality and sportswomen as professional. According to “Greg Baum” ‘A little more money and exposure means sportswomen can spend more time at practice and play’ and this would improve the equal. But some people disagree and said; that’s not going to work because we can’t equate men and women’s sport. According to “John Smallwood” ‘women’s and men’s sport are different games even when they have the same name’ [different in every way, from the style of play to officiating to the way they are regarded by fans]. John said; Reward in professional sport based on how much revenue a player can make in relation to other player [men FIFA made $600M on Ads, women FIFA made $40M on Ads]. This been say it is going to be every hard for women’s professional sport to earn income and build up the popularity [men vs women paid].

Again gender equality play a big role in eSports. 100 racking men earn $350,897. 1 ranking women earn $141,025. The reason why people not interesting in women eSports because it is new so not many player and not so popular yet for women in some countries but there is an [article1][article2] said that women eSport is rising fast and when eSport becoming popular, men and women eSport tournaments could combined together which will allow the equality.

There are so much more aspects in the film State of Play that show [Asian] Korean’s culture and society, which could link or comparison to the western.


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