The Long Tail Effect!

This week lecture topic is ‘The Attention Economy and The Long Tail Effect’. The lecture cover about legacy media – new media channel, data storage, long tail effect, and more. One on the term that I’m not quite understood is the big “Long Tail”. This is the blog to outline the Long Tail.


What is it? It is a theory that uses to explain in what way the Internet has impact economics [Chris Anderson, 2006]. For example, in the film industry the head is a films store where they only sell popular films due to the shelf space [has 10 customers] where as the long tail is an online file service such as; Netflix, Amazon, etc. have wider variety goods [has 10 or more content, each has 1 or more customers [niche markets]]. Being said that the long tail making more money from many different niche markets than one large market.


  1. Hi! Your post was well written. I would suggest however trying to find other sources that aren’t the subject lectures as it will demonstrate to the marker that you have done some further reading on the subject. As well as this it would have been really good to see you delve into your examples more, talk more about Netflix and Amazon and explain why they are connected to the long tail effect. This would have lengthened your post as well as build up your argument. A meme or Prezi would have been a great addition to their piece!
    I found this site to be really useful for this particular week’s post, and I’m hoping you do to


  2. Great post. It was well written and concise, explaining what the long tail effect is. the post could benefit from some additional sources and a delving a bit deeper into the topic.


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