Project Proposal: The Foods

Over the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the final work for this subject ‘Digital Asia’ but have been difficult for me since I am Asian and I have been well experiencing most of the Asian cultures from K and J pop, Asian foods, anime, gaming, films, and more. This would not be interesting for me to experiencing the old aspect and study about it again. So I came up with my idea, is to reverse it since I’m Asian why not making myself try some iconic Australian foods. This been said that my project going to be about the exposure to Australian foods. I like the foods idea because when I first came to Australia for my university degree. I always have a curiosity about Australian foods because Australia is a new-formed country [late 18th century] comparing to many Asian countries, meaning that there are many different and new cultures together in one place. This draws many questions about Aus. foods; is it just a food to fill you up day by day? Is it having something else behind that makes people love it?

In the up coming weeks, I will be finding and searching some answer to my curiosity about two foods that not so popular in Asia but popular in Australia, Sausage Sizzle and Pavlova. The reason I chose sausage sizzle, and Pavlova that because Pavlova is Australia, New Zealand iconic sweet food and I’m in love with dessert, especially meringue and the sausage sizzle because I saw them everywhere from the Facebook events, beach, bunnings, university, and everywhere that have the public. So what will happening next is, I’m going to gathering information about this two foods from related articles, Australian friends, and I’m going to film my self having Sausage Sizzle and making Pavlova. The video footage and information that I found would be put together and use to make a video that shows my finding in this research. The finding that displays in the tape will be analyzing forms my personal experiences toward selected Australian foods. The aim is to record my personal experience toward Australian culture [foods] and lure on wider content about cultural, political and societal meaning about foods from my point of view. This is because the research method that I’m going to use for this study is ‘Autoethnography’ and this going back to my 1st blog and 2nd blog as I mention before about this research method.


According to Ellis and Holman JONES, it is an approach to research and writing that seek to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand the cultural experience. It is using the idea from autobiography and ethnography. Autobiography is a way that people writing a documentation of their life; it is a story of them selves. Ethnography, refer to Brian A. Hoey it is an approach to social research aim to understanding of cultural through representation of things and this developing through a close exploration of many sources. This been said that by putting and combining Autobiography and Ethnography together making Autoethnography. In the first two weeks I don’t get to know that there are two types of Autoethnography, one is call analytic [scientific] and one is call evocative [artistic]. Evocative is center on the presentation of narrative that bring/create emotional response for audience, while analytic is ideally working only on the theoretical explanations of cultural and societal. With my project, I’m not going to pick one over another. What I’m going to do is trying to use both approach on my works as I mention earlier.

“Autoethnography looses its sociological promise when it devolves into self-absorption” [Anderson, 2006, p.385]

Why I want to use Autoethnography? Because its has many good aspects, it is allow the researcher to move beyond traditional methods of writhing by use narrative, poetry, as well as the display of artifacts and object such as; photographs, drawing, and live performances [HESSE – BIBER, LEAVY, 2008]. It is allows the researcher to engaging with emotional in the works, meaning that it is allow more power of relation between the participant and the researcher. Additional, it’s all about the researcher! However, it’s also come with negative aspects. As the research use personal narrative, meaning that the research need to be open mind for example, feeling evoked in reader may be unpleasant since the connection of the researcher make to narrative cannot be predicted [Ellis, Bochner, 1996]. Another aspect that I learned in the lecture four is the ‘exposure’ all the feeling and experiencing will not be the same if the investigator have been exposure before. This is the reason why my project is focusing on Australian food instead of Asian food, as I have full experiencing with Asia but little with Australia.


The final work is going to be a YouTube video [6 minutes] detailing my finding. I choses the work to be a video because I believe that visual and audio is powerful tools to use to present my works and it is allow the viewer to understanding content easily [I’m sure that most of us don’t want to read]. The video will structure into two parts 3 minutes each, first part will be about sausage sizzle and second will be pavlova. The video will be available on YouTube before 28th October 2016 and I will be posting the link on subject blog. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to note under this post or tweet me.



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