Feudalization of the Internet…

At the beginning of the lecture is very confusing me, why is Ted talking about the European history, land, and the manor? I was took a while to understand that he is talking about censorship, surveillances, and control of the Internet. Even it’s took me a while to understand but I think it is a great comparison, by using the manor and rules as an example. Here is an example of “Control”


[NIANTIC [Pokémon GO] term and condition]

In this fast changing world Internet and media have become more and more advance every day, it is also raise many concern and issue about privacy and confidentiality. First example, many of us probably heard about how media platform such as; Google and Facebook and it’s term and condition that allow them to [do everything they want] accessing/analyzing everything we do so that they can send out the advertisement campaign to the right target market. Another example is the NIANTIC [Pokémon GO] term and condition that every user agrees to gives away their right to a jury trial, which leave me with the question: is it a fair trade? Because they let us use their products, in exchange to our privacy data.



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