Android vs IOS

This week topic is Android and IOS [open and close], It was very interesting to see the different between the two system [good and bad from the two platforms]. As the lecture state nowadays in developed or even developing countries, smart phone is overtaking the personal computer in term of the user number. Since the introduction of iOS in 2007 and Google Android system in 2008, the two OS have become the leader of consumer smartphone and leave other OS behind for example; Blackberry, windows, etc.


I’m going to focusing on Android today, it is the most dominates in the market share [smartphone] by 85% in 2016. Even though it is the biggest in the market but it’s make little profit in comparison to Apple OS. That is because Google licensed Android under Apache, which mean that it’s free for every one to use and modify. But why? Because Google is the information business [Internet relate service], which make them more interesting in the information flow rather than sell number and the bigger user community mean that more information for them.


  1. Good explanation distinguishing how Android dominates the market, but doesn’t dominate profit. Maybe you could explained a bit further the difference between open and closed systems but otherwise a good read.

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