Social Media and the Rise of Gatewatchers

This week topic is the social media and the rise of gatewatcher. The lecture covers legacy media, distributed media and focusing on the collective intelligence [Journalism]. First up, what is gatewatcher? According to Alex Bruns it is the publication of news and information in other sources and publicizing through their own sites or another word new type of Journalism.

Tradition Journalism [professional] is trying to educate and inform the public but all stories cannot be publishing due to the old media platform such as; TV, news paper all have limited space. This leaving them with the option to selecting, filtering the information for the audience and I think is this bad because the story only have one point of view.

Citizen Journalism is also trying to educate and inform the public but doesn’t have other influencing factors e.g. political likes traditional. The only thing that may influence the story or information is personal opinion. For example Reddit is the gateway to everything going on around the world. [Allow people to share their story and comment freely]


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