The Social Network Revolutions ####

In this fast changing world, social media have become more and more powerful. It is changed and turned into the news platform for every user. This is done by the use of metadata tag [the hashtag [#]], it is allow the user to search or find the right specific content and time.



One good example is #prayforparis in 2015. According to with in 24 hours following the terror attacks there are 70 million people shared about Paris by using the same hashtag. I could say that most of the people know about Paris before most of the news channel pick it up and publish output. Nowadays social media is a very powerful tool to reach million and million of people and it’s also allow people to from up a community and talking about that specific content by using hashtag [#]. Some people maybe don’t like them and scare of the wrong use [political movement] but I think it is a power tool that will make the world better.

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  1. the power that lies in hashtag is truly a crazy phenomenon. I love the #prayforparis example and the images you used to explain – amazing. Perhaps another example of hashtagging for social reform or social empathy could have been used to further explain your point, nevertheless a great read!


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