System, Play and Interaction

Last week in Media Art 202, I get to present my project prototype to my class. My prototype is the installation works that put together by non tech objects such as; bottles, table and tech objects such as; LED lights, control board as you can see in this video:

During the presentation I received so many comment and feedback from my tutor and classmate. A lot of comments are focus about what could I do to make my work stronger and more interesting for the audiences.


The digital book project [Airan Kang] at MCA gives me idea that I could relate to the work that I want to do. The concepts that I am exploring in my installation are: people prefer certain color [brightly saturated colors were preferred], color preference is change emotional responses, what is the future of drinks [tech and non tech objects], and wonderment in an everyday objects. The original work is going to use the LED [RGB] to light up the bottles in color and also have a control board that allow the viewer to change the color to whatever they want it to be but after have some discussion with my tutor and peers we all agree that 1st the interaction that give audiences that ability to change the color of the work will make actual work itself weaker. 2nd if I get a full control of the lights, I can set the color preference to specific type of drink bottles e.g. alcohol drinks, non – alcohol drinks, which allow me to play with emotional and set to what I want other to see. 3rd everyone seem to be okay with my chosen material [bottles]. It’s an object that every one has been contacted for a long time but nothing has change until now.

This week, after I did some deeper research into the color and how to control the LED lights combined with comments and feedbacks from last week. I decide to modify my work a little bit by cutting the interaction out and making my final larger to 1m x 1m setting in the way that allow viewer to walk around [could show different perspective]. As of today I have ordered a new type of LED lights that are very thin for my projects because the one I used for the prototype are having a protective case on which make it very hard to run the inlay on the table. What will happen is after I received a new light I will be using a wood router to make a slot for the led to run on the tabletop. This way will allow the bottles to sit perfectly on the table and not knock over. By saying I am cutting the interaction out doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do it. As of now, I’m doing some experiment on the interaction part and try not to do some thing that would weaker my work’s concept.


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