Internet of Thing

This week we are talking about the Internet of thing. What is it? According to GSMA, It is the connect activity between objects and the Internet where have not been connected in the past in order to receive a large number of information that can be use for benefit [context aware] or controlled. Here is a video detailing about IoT…[connect data, people, and process together/more nodes = the better network]

Who will benefit from the Internet of thing? The answer is everyone form individual, businesses, and community. For example Apple CarPlay system, the gps in the car is connecting to smartphone, that connecting to the Internet, that connecting to home kit, allow HomeKit to know when you arrive home and get the air conditioning and lights ready for you. The Internet of thing works in the same way for the business, and community. It’s allowing the information to flow and connected.



  1. Love the meme, life without the internet would be painful and i don’t know what i would do (maybe read a book for once). Nice post which simply explains the IoT.


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