Practice and Field

This week in Media Arts Workshop [MEDA301] I get to think about my practice and field works that I want to accomplish in the future. The first thing that came in my mind was “What I enjoy doing?” I love to takes pictures and making short videos and then upload them on my social media platform for everyone to see my works. Here are some examples:

The field work that I want to get into need to be involve in making video or creating digital contents. It’s took me quite a long time to think about the jobs, after I did some research I found that there are numbers of jobs that are implicate my skills such as: digital media marketing manager, digital content producer, social media producer, communication and marketing specialist, and more.


For what I enjoy doing I think the appropriate jobs for myself in the future is digital content and social media producer. I also believe that my studies in communication and medias majoring in digital media and minoring in advertising will definitely benefit me in my field works and practice. As the job required to do:

  • Writing / creating content for media platform
  • Bring innovative idea to attract and engage with digital audiences
  • Working with marketing department and help them achieve their goals
  • Working in the creative team

It is clearly show from my past projects at the university, I have been developing my skills set in the fieldwork that I want to go in. An example in DIGC302 Digital communication practice for the final project I’m making a YouTube channel [Here] to show geographical around Wollongong region.

I have learned many skills from creating content for this project, and I’m sure that these skills will assist me in the future. Practice such as; filming skill, video-editing skill, organizational skill in the media platform, time management skill, etc. Another example is from media art subject [screen based work] I choice to make a video. From the subject I learned a lot of creating digital and analog content skills especially digital in filming.

I believe that, these skills that I have developed overtime at the university will be useful and help me in the future with my works.

References: (2017). Digital Content & Social Media Producer job – Pops Digital Media – Sydney NSW | [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2017]. (2017). What is digital marketing?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2017].


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