Wait, the selfies? What an interesting topic to talk about this week. What is selfie? Selfie according to lifewire, it is use to describe a photograph of yourself that have been taken by yourself. But according to a great photographer such as; edlo kawa, koen demuynck, lara jade are agreed that a selfie is the same as a self portrait photograph

This is selfie.ssssss

What about this one? Selfie?Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.13.58 PM

The word “selfie” had become official in 2013 by the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary, and also has to be the “word of the year”. According to the Library of Congress and businessinsider [AU] the first selfie’s like photo have been found way back in 1839, by a Philadelphia [USA] resident ‘Robert Cornelius’ and his oldest known self-portrait photograph. The interesting here is conferring on The Telegraph UK, the first use of the word selfie is invented by Australian man after a drunken night out with the posting of his lip after the incident.

First selfie


First use of the word ‘selfie’Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.57.52 PM

I think this is enough for the historical context before every one getting bored. In this fast changing world many people are concern about the use of the selfies and it’s affect in our society. In today media there are a lots of issue and controversy about the selfies taking in term of celebrity using it to influence the public, selfies are not appropriate in some places, people using them to brand them self, or even selfies addiction in mental health. Now, lets jump into the positive and negative effect of the selfie. First, I’m going to analyses and give some of the examples about negative side and then I’ll move into the positive aspect of the selfie.

Why selfie can be some thing bad? 1. Privacy risks, ones the photos had been taken and then posted it to the social media platform [photo sharing website] such as; Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and etc. meaning that you are allow the company to analyses your photos for the first example Facebook have the face recognition technology call the “DeepFace” that been developed for the FBI to use for any purposes. [They know where we are and everything we do] Scary? Every thing you do leaves a digital trail. It’s also use in the commercial purposes. Have you wonder why the advertisement those pop up on your Facebook or YouTube video or even Instagram are interesting to you? Because the media platform companies such as; Google, Facebook, and other marketing companies: Ditto has to program [computer vision] to scan your selfies and photos and decide what advertisement should you consume. What is the program scan? What you have, facial expression, and what surrounding. 2. The selfie addiction, for the people who trying to brand them self-online, getting a good selfie for social media maybe become addiction as they are trying to get a good selfie. According to Danny Bowman trying to commit suicide because he couldn’t a perfect selfie [average 200 selfie per day].

Now the positive! 1. It is to be said that the selfies help increase in self-confidence. According to the Time Magazine, the researchers believe that the selfie allow people to express them selves in many different ways, as people takes selfie in different outfit, hair style, places, and facial expression. These make them feeling and knowing how they are looks and resulted in boosted self-confidence. 2. Another example is the “Brazilian favelas” where as kids over there taking selfies with they’re surrounding and send the photo to their parent to let them know that they are safe and not to worries about them at the time. I think this [The Selfie] is a perfect tool to communication in this situation because parent can see where their kids are and actually see that they are safe unlike other form of communication such as; texting. 3. Help people express their emotions, a lot of selfie that we see online today are showing personal expression from eating, walking, studying, [what they’re doing]. Some people may say selfie is giving a negative affect in our society, some may not. For me I think it is depending on the individual themselves and what they are using selfie for.

What do you think?



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