Hi, and welcome to my digital game culture blog. Today I’m going to look into a board game called ‘Splendor’. It was design by Marc Andre and the game get the fist published in 2014 by Space Cowboy. The current artist for the game is Pascal Quidault. After a successful launched in 2014 as a national stage, going into the international stage Marc Andre have a deal with other publishers as well such as; Broadway Toys LTD, Hobby Japan, Siam Board Games, Korea Boardgames, and more. The retail price in the United State is around 30$ USD or around 39$ AUD as of 20/03/2017 [TD] comparing to the retail price in Australia which is around 60$ AUD or 47$ USD [TD]. In my opinion, the reason that Splendor in the USA are cheaper than Australia because over in the US there are more competition in the board games market, if the publisher set a higher price they would not generate enough sell to meet their goals.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.39.28 pm

Splendor is a resource management game involving you to collect chips and gems in order to trade for card, which will have difference point according to its hardness of the trading. The game is setting in the renaissance using beautiful graphic on the board, cards and chips. It is a multiplayer game between 2-4 players; according to boardgamegeek 3 players will give the best game experience as the game will running faster and also become a little bit easier to manage the resources.

How to…

This is one of many games that have a very simple rule and easy to follow. Starting by 1. Divide the gem tokens in to six different groups as you can see from the graphic on the top. 2. There are 3 level of card and the ‘Noble tiles [number of player +1] à put them into 4×4 as you can see in the picture.


To start the game, pick the fist player and move in the clockwise manner.

In a turn player can:

  1. Take 3 gem chips of different colour or take 2 gem chips of the same colour
  2. Trading the gems for the card
  3. Reserve the card the gold chip

Take turn and keep going. A person who has 15 points first wins the game. The game usually takes about 30 minutes.

My Experience With The Game

I get to play this board game with 3 of my mate in class and we found this game really enjoyable but also really simple game to play as a group. I have stated earlier in the post that the game is really simple and easy to follow the rule by comparing this game to other resource management game such as: Five Tribes which are so much more complicate to play/follow.


Second aspect that I like about this game is every player has the same option on there turn for example every collecting 3 chips different to other game such as Monopoly that the player need to use the die to move. The third aspect that I like about this game is “luck”. It is not a factor to win in this game. To win this game the player need to manage their resource to collect more points as possible. The last aspect that pick up from my experience playing the game is the physical of the board game, the tokens is solid and heavy, Noble tiles is really well made again with the development cards. Those are really nice to use and the players can feel that.

Over all the Splendor is really well design and made. For myself [who is not playing a lot of board games] found Splendor really enjoyable. Right now when I’m writing this blog I feel that “I want to play the game again.” 60$ for the game I’m fine with it. What do you think about this game?



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