This week I’m looking into the opportunities in the fieldwork that I want to get in as I mention earlier in week 2 blog that my dream job is a content/social media producer specially film making e.g. music video, marketing – PR campaign video, or even a pre wedding video. I have looked into some of the employment website [such as: Inneed, Seek, and Jobs] and directly to the media, advertising, and public relation companies [such as: Ogilvy & Mather, Reborn, DDB]. I found that there is a medium demands for this type of jobs, more than 70 percent companies want someone with the experience at lease 3 years in the industry or related field. I happened to talk to someone who working in the business and they saying that the reason that companies wants someone with experiences because most of the applicant that just finished school don’t have enough skills to meet their need e.g. creative skills, time management, and common knowledge about fieldwork.


Everyone probably knows that I am an international student at UOW, when I finish the school I will go back to Thailand and then start my career over there. Over in Thailand there is a high demand for the area that I want to get to. Why? Thailand is a developing country in South East Asia and surrounding by other 7 countries including China and Singapore. After a big financial crisis in 1997 Thailand has growth faster and faster every year, there are a lots of new businesses and therefore a lot of opportunities. Over in Thailand people start to see the important of social marketing, e marketing, as the world start shifting to the digital world. Over in Australia during my study I have worked as a cameraman and editor in the processes of videos/photos making such as: make up [Ad video], concerts [promote videos], motorcycle products [picture, BMW external lights]. It is a good experience to work with different people; I can see different viewpoint for each works due to different target markets. I believe that skills and knowledge that I have learned over here will help me in the future with my career.


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