This week key words are: speciesism, anthropomorphism, and nonhuman personhood. Again these words are new to me. Before I begin anything else I want to put down some definition for these words as note for myself or people who’s new to the topic. According to BBC speciesism is the idea that human use to appoint different values, right toward dissimilar species [Animals]. The term usually sees as similar to racism or sexism. Another word: anthropomorphism is the way that showing or treating animals as if they are human in behavior, looks, and character [Cambridge Dictionary].

As the technology becomes more advance and humanity keep developing to perfection there are still a lots of controversy about animal ethics, for some people strongly agreed that animals should deserve moral treatment from us because they have a feeling and intelligent [another being that live together in the world]. Animals should get a better living condition in the case of dairy cattle and captive such as: zoos and theme parks as people argue that how they [animals] live their life suffering in a captive situation and often people treat them like an objects. __But for some people are fine with the way we treat animals now. According to BBC UK people claim that animals do not behave in a morally therefor they do not deserve moral treatment from other beings. They describe ‘do not behave in a morally’ as animals usually behave selfishly, and look after its own benefit unlike human being that often help other people, even they know that its may have disadvantage affect.


Now I’m looking into why people would like to keep animal captive in a zoos and why they don’t. Now, why people feel that it is okay to keep animals captive in the zoos or theme parks. First, many people believe that zoos are major part of fighting wildlife extinction. Supporting with 2010 research from IUNC claim that breeding zoos and aquariums have recover about 25 percent of the species that listed as threatened in the wild. Second, zoos are not just only entertainment but it’s also educated public about wildlife and creates/promote environmental awareness. stated that 17 percent of the people how have visit their event “Sprits of Sky” are switching from normal toilet paper to recycled toilet paper. This event has clearly showed the effectiveness that zoos have created environmental awareness. Third, zoos and theme parks influencing people to love animals, which will lead to environmental volunteer, safe animals program and etc. fourth, animal could get a better care are the zoos. According to zoos creating situations where animals feel pleasure, happy, as well as mental stimulation. A good zoo use extensive research/scientific to I’m proving the animal welfare.

Now, lets go into why it is wrong to captive animals. According to Peta and Onegreenplanet first major issue is the captivity of the animals that often lead them to madness/craziness this is because we put animals in a room. Animals in the wild have freedom to do what they like to do for example tiger and lions like running and climbing many kilometers to fond it’s foods. Bears are active up to 18 hours a day exploring the area. Second, ‘death issue’ the static shows that animals in the captive situation are die quicker than its life span due to captive social, physical, mental need are not meet the requirement. In the other hand there are a lot of report about animals attacked zoos keeper/ employees / public. Example in the film “blackfish” one of the orcas responded of three human death. Another example is Missouri case where the zookeeper killed by an elephant. The third aspect that I want to cover is the animal’s health issue. By locking animals in the room and take care of them resulting as sickness. Animals don’t design to be in contact with human made elements. For example, I mention before in the film blackfish more than 75 percent of their animals die from sickness. One last aspect that people using to support their argument is that the zoos do not actually help the animal in term of breed animals and protect species. People calming that by keeping them in the cages does nothing to help their species in the wild. Final, I do believe that human and animals are different and every ways but this doesn’t mean that we should treat them differently, animals are just other beings that lives in the same planet.

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