This blog post will allow me to show a basic concept of what I want to do for the major work. If you following my blogs, you probably know that I love to be a digital content producer especially in the filming making and photography side. The project that I think in mind will be a 3 minutes video or a still photographs. Why? Because I love using digital camera. First, digital camera allows easier and smoother editing process just by uploading the files into a computer and editing them in editing program [creative effect, correct faults spot, changing image setting, and more]. Second, the number of shot. I have a digital camera that use a digital memory meaning that I can take as many shot I want and then pick just the right moment for the final work.

As of now I have two ideas for the final project. First idea, I want to play with technology [camera] by creating two short videos. One using a professional camera and the other one using a mobile phone camera and displays them side-by-side for the audiences to comparison. It is one way that I want to show the advancement of technology, challenging the limit of smart phone. Second idea, again I want to make short video [more like 3 minutes] in 3 different ways: old film, VHS, and digital to show a different ecstatic of the tree and in the way show the evolution of filming technology.

I am still looking for more idea, if you have an idea and want to share please comment below. Thanks

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