Week6. This week keyword is “materializing the digital”. [Interesting] In tutorial we get to analyze one of the work from “Out of Hand Exhibition” the work that I looked into is a motorcycle that been 3D printed and running on the power of the electric drill.

  • How was the work made?
  • 3D printed frame, and hand put together with the electric drill and the wheels
  • What material was use?
  • ABS feeding 3D printing
  • What kind of processes were uses?
  • Printing ABS into parts the assemble together with hand
  • Was there much experimentation involved? What purpose did the experimentation serve?
  • Experimentation on the material that going to use for the frame [ABS]. ABS is a great choice as it property are lightweight and strong enough to use for this purpose.
  • Why were this decision made?
  • ABS = lightweight and strong, which are perfectly for the work
  • They this material?
  • Because it’s property that strong and lightweight together with it’s can be make into any shape [the artist inspiration of bone structure]
  • Why these processes?
  • Simple, quick and efficiency
  • How did it serve the idea of the artist?
  • ABS printing to any shape which artist printed to the “bone inspiration”

The second half of the tutorial I get to garter ideas for the project from tutor and peers by doing mind mapping. Here what I get:

Digital image

  • Videography
  • Lighting
  • Slow motion
  • Old films, VHS, digital [effect, looks]
  • Photography
  • A photo that challenging expectation e.g. Obama is white.
  • Political use of the image
  • Proportion of human in the galaxy
  • Stereotype image
  • Translating pixel and color information
  • Breaking an image into it’s pixel in order to make physical piles of color cards
  • Or making black and white [only focus on small part of the image]
  • Image segment


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