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Earlier this year I choose to do Digital Game Cultures as part of my studies. In week 3 I have learned digital games mods and machinima. It is a very interesting topic as it shows how people developing games nowadays. The fist time I see the words mods and machinima I am a little confuse by its definition [games] because I never heard people use this words with games. According to the reading called “Games and Culture” mods or modification is the action of making a change in the physics of the virtual world to a total conversation in gameplay that can lead to changes in a story line and game type. Meaning that fixing the problem in the software or hardware of a game [fixing a bug, changes the setting, add more content, changing the experience of the game [here]].

As part of the subject, one of the tasks that I have to do is to create/develop a board game. At the beginning of the semester, I played numbers of difference games such as Splendor, Five Tribes, King of Tokyo, Wiz-War, and the game I like the most is Splendor. [Splendor review]. The fact that I love this game so much I think it would be great to borrow/take some of it’s mechanic to be the foundation of my project. In the next few weeks, I will be developing and modifying the game by cutting off aspect that I don’t like and starting adding new themes.


Splendor is a multiplayer resources management strategy game aiming for the player to collect the most prestige points [15 points to win the game]. The game is setting in the renaissance where everyone is in demand and searching for wealthy. Why I chose to modify this game? Because the game mechanic is very well designed, it is very easy to paly [learn] considering I am enjoy playing this game even I am not a fan of board games. This makes me believe that most people would enjoy playing this game. Another aspect of the game that I love is no luck involved. It is all about collecting the best efficiently cards/gems possible to have the most points.

Sim city

There is a game I played when I was younger called Sim City, everyone probably knows what this game I’m talking about or have played the game in the past. Sim City is a city-building and construction management simulation game on several platforms such as personal computer versions, console versions, and smartphone versions [Android and IOS]. According to it is first developed by Will Wright in California and published by Maxis in 1989. The player is acting like a mayor, and their job is to build a city from scratch. In the growing process, the player needs to considering about service such as; health, education, water, electricity, waste management, parks, and more. I think many versions of Sim City have a great interface and depth. Players will spend a lot of time playing this game as it’s has a lot to offer. I personally find the game overwhelming and too complicate to enjoy as I said before that the player has to consider many factors to keep the citizen in the city satisfy.

Finally, for my game project, I think it would be great to combine as many good aspects from Splendor and Sim City together. To do this, I will be using Splendor’s simple game mechanical with the Sim City interface/themes. This combination would make the original game [Splendor] has a real depth in a story; the player will not get bored over few game plays. The final work will also allow Sim City player to get a new experience form multi-player board game.


On the 28th April, I get to pitch my game to the class. From that, I have summarized the ideas into two concepts. The first concept, each player will be given a blank map/area at the start of the game. Each turn player can collect 3 materials that will use to exchange for a building, parks, etc. player has an opportunity to place building, parks, etc. wherever they like but have to connect to the road, which they will have to pay for. The money can be earned each round of the game play[more house player got = more tax]. The second idea is influencing from a board game called ‘Honshu’ where each player has the cards that can join up to make a city by overlapping the cards. With a unique scoring system of the game, a player will get a different score depending on the town layout. TBC…



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