In games, we have many categories of games including the new invented ones. In this blog we are going to look into the type of game by the name codenames. This is a game that is said to be a 2015 board game that is organized by the Vlaada Chvatil. The game is normally for two teams each having two participants at least or three players where by one of the players work as a spy or is called a spymaster or the one who give the clue the other player or the other two.

In any game that exist in the world it must have rules for efficiency judging of who emerges as the winner or the champion. Likewise, the codename type of game has several rules that when followed to the later, one of the team emerges as a winner and a draw can also be seen. The rules of the codenames are as follows. The game has an espionage kind of setting where the players in teams get to identify their team’s secrets based on the codes names of their agents.


Players do split into two teams either red or the blue. One of the players from each team is chosen to act as a spymaster for the team. The rest of the players are said to be the operators in the field. The spymaster gives the clue to the teammates. There exist three stacks of different cards. The twenty-five name cards with each one of them having a word are placed in a grid of a square that counts five by five of various colors. Each one of them it corresponds with the card that is having a name of code of the card that is on the table. It takes each team a turn to play and to defend. The best spymaster gives the clue giving names to his teammate. The game ends after all of one of the team’s agent identifies or when one team has identified the assassin, which is a loss.

Finally, in this game the chances are based in the guesswork. For now the game is termed to be popular and it has been published in different languages to enhance its spread and make it efficiency for playing. About twenty-five languages have been translated the game.

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