Colt Express

Colt Express is a board game set in the Wild West in the year 1899. It involves a train en route Folsom in the New Mexico carrying passengers alongside their valuables. The game entails making a plan at the start of the game and following the plan to complete the five rounds actions (Pocket Gamer, 2017).


The game is created and designed by Christophe Raimbult who uses a comic theme to address to the characters of the game. The publisher of the game is Asmodee. The gameplay is a vast reality to the world of programming while looking at the five rounds in each play. The organization from the scheming phase where each player plays 2-5 action cards to the stealing phase where the players execute their plans shows a good execution to the designer in programming. (Rules of Play). The rules to the game are not complex where the minimum number of players is two, and the maximum is six players. Another rule worth observing is the playing of the rounds with the cards face up. A mobile version, which is available on Android and iPhone Operating System (IOS), was developed to bring the game up to the digital era.

spiel des jahres

The game won the spiel des jahres game of the year 2015. The mobile version contains two options of the story mode for individuals and the classic mode for multiplayer gamers. Asmodee who published the game in 2014, emphasizes on the players to follow the specific rules set at the start of the game where the round card sets the number of actions to be played.

Colt Express 3d structure

The theme of the game is perfectly integrated with innovative and easy to learn mechanisms. In particular, the 3D structure of the train matches the beautiful comic styles in the cards, and the Wild West setting reveals a genre of action because of the bandits. The mechanics have made the game look handy, and the theme simplifies its complex nature. The game can be bought on Amazon who primarily distributes it.

The game is a real definition of class and adventure more so because at the end there is a bonus of $1000 to be won by the player who fires the most bullets and whoever seizes the richest haul wins. Considering the price, simple rules, and fun shooting, the game is a must play.

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