Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a board game involving a train, which players compete to build railroads across the map. The game ideas are where players choose the mission and connect one city to another while trying to finish the mission for points and where players use their source plans. These plans make up the game plan of the game, which involves interrupting the course of others and finding the way to attaining the most railroads.

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The game is designed by Alan R. Moon. It has had various versions since its first introduction including the ticket to ride Switzerland and ticket to ride the United Kingdom, and Pennsylvania. The only differences in the versions are the landmarks of the place. However, the gameplay is similar. The board box comes in place with different colors of trains for the number of players who ranges from 2-5 depending on the version. It has a special specification as evidenced in the age limit where players should be of 8 years and above

The publisher of the game is Days to Wonder, and the game was published in the year 2004. Gameplay includes train cards, destination tickets and technology cards (Rules of play, n.d, n.p). The game box comes up with a rule book which illustrates the setting of the board table as well as the setting of the card. The theme of the game entails a colorful set of trains aligned from the beginning 45 trains in total in each color stack. The map also gives the game a real case scenario of an ideal train setting with the special tunnels routes and the view of other countries.

On the case of genre, the game entails setting of high tactical plans which help the players to score and attain more route coverage. The mechanisms of the game are not only up to class and innovative but also gives the game simplicity in every setting. The game, which is also available in digital mode, can be accessed on mobile and through the computer.

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*Digital version.

“Ticket to Ride” is an ideal board game to play since it contains easy to learn rules, which make it possible for any eight years old and above person to comprehend. In essence, it won the 2004 spiel des Jahres family game of the year award.

Rules of Play (n.d.). Ticket to Ride: UK Map | Board Game | Rules of Play. [online] Rules of Play. Available at: https://rulesofplay.co.uk/products/ticket-to-ride-united-kingdom-pennsylvania [Accessed 28 Apr. 2017].

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