Electronic Waste

Technological growth and development have increased in the world over the years. Devices have been created to improve the innovations and creations by the people. These have led to increase in the electronic devices used by the people globally daily. The electronic devices control the flow of electric currents to help the people in systems control and also in the processing of various information. Therefore, e-waste is the electronic devices which have lost value to the users and are discarded. They are the scrap material no longer useful to the consumer, and they are destined to reuse, resale, salvage, recycling by the users.

The electronic devices that make e-waste after useful life include; computers, mobile phones, televisions, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, etc. Due to the high demands of the electronic devices among the people as a result of technological awareness, about twenty to fifty tons of metric electronic wastes are disposed of by consumers globally. The leading electronic wastes disposed of are the cell phones and other electronic devices worldwide, and they contain high amounts of metals such as gold and silver. In America for example, people dump mobile phone with gold and silver which is worth more than $60 yearly. However, the majority of the electronic waste which the people tend to dispose of might not be waste products by parts of products which are marketable for reuse, and they may be recycled and sold by business people. The electronic products are produced by the customers to have little life spans because the competition is high. They are not durable to enable the client to use them for short periods of time and acquire new devices. Through the short lifespan, the electronic waste has been increasing in the world (Robinson, 2009, pp. 183-191).

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