Environmental Impact of E-Waste

Disposing e-waste possesses significant risks to the environment. Environmental protection from pollution is extensive nowadays with governments and organizations enacting laws aimed at ensuring the protection of the environment. Electronic devices waste are a major contributor to environmental pollution and at the rate of their increase possess a great danger to the environment.


Electronic devices like the CPU’s usually contain harmful metals like magnesium, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Polybrominated Flame Retardants, Barium, and Lithium all these of which are dangerous to both the wildlife and vegetation in the environment. The primary cause of environmental pollution by the electronic wastes is the poor disposal mechanism such as the improper recycling of the products. Many are the times that people throw their computers in the landfills after damage and this it possible for dangerous metal leaching to the underground water. The consumption of the water to the people and animals might affect their health conditions.


The burning of the electronic wastes like the plastics has a significant effect on the environment. When the plastics are burned, produce harmful substances like the dioxins which cause air pollution. The gases contribute to the formation of acid rains and also the ash produced from burning the plastics devices may contain harmful toxins such as heavy metals and other toxins. However, the wastes may bring litter in the environment and can cause accidents due to injuries of people since they are mostly metals. The electronic devices not all rot but other may end up producing the methane gas which is harmful to the environment as it causes the greenhouse effect and it is explosive. Additionally, as the waste decomposes, it produces Leachate which facilitates the pollution of the environment (Widmer, 2005, pp. 436-458).

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