Week 11 Process Diary

This week we are still working on the old concept but if they’re something wrong we are having a backup idea. Backup idea is making a number of origami paper cranes with Bible’s paper as much as possible to make a surface for the projector. With the projector’s media, we will be put out the text in the Bible. This idea is repetition by project out the same content in different platform, in this case: the actual installation and the video media. The work will pay around the backdrop of the ethical pitfalls of religion.


Now, let’s get back to the original concept. This week we look for the place that we can use the CNC machine. There is an acrylic shop at Albion Park that has a very good CNC that we can use and also buy material at the same time [Shop Website], or we can get the Perspex sheet from Bunning and use the smaller CNC machine at the innovation campus.

To complete the work we will have to do the installation, photo, and video this is to present the data with a different platform. Here is the plan we want to do…


This is example 3D modeling from one of the peers

After we pitch this idea to our tutor, it seems that they want us to do something more meaningful e.g. the shape of the installation representing data [this can be global warming data, population data in different places]. We take this comment and apply to the work by using the population data growth per year from 2011 to 2016 to create the triangle shape…




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