Week 13 Process Diary


This is a prototype from the population data growth over five years but for our final work, we don’t want to make the work that represents the population [data where we’re from]. We want to do something that represents us as a person in our society, to do that we look at our social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We design that we will be using the data from our individual Instagram account, this data will be our posted, followed, and following. These number then will be used to make the triangle. Here are some pictures of the processes


Each triangle is made from our social media data


This is the plan that we will be use with the CNC machine


When we upload the code to the CNC interface it gives a different dimension to what we want, meaning that we will have to go back and redo the file again.

After we cut the Perspex sheet we will connect them together and take a video and picture to complete the project. I will keep update here with more information.

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