Week 8 Process Diary

From gartering everyone’s ideas about the works from week six, we have end up with five main concepts, which are expressing digitality, Variable Materiality, Multisensory interaction, reconfiguring spacetime, and generativity difference and repetition. The group that I’m in is generativity: difference and repetition, which in week seven we look at a number of different art works. For example,


Irving Penn’s Corner Portraits.

The work is unusual portraits of a number of writer, artist, musicians, and more each one of them asked to post in the corner that smaller than 90 degree, which are created in the studio. It is achieve environment isolates and abstract, artificial. This work reminds me of the work I have done in the past called “Places”.


Another work that we have a look is the ‘I’m Sitting in a Room’ by Alvin Lucier. Basically it is an experiment of sounds by recording sounds over and over again [his work here]. This experiment could be done in any room [different type or stuff in the room will give different resonances constructed]. By the end of the class we came up with the idea to make the abstract installation work from glass inspiring by Vassily Kendinsky: His work



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