Week 9 Process Diary

Hi, and welcome back to my process diary, this week is the first week that everyone in the team meets each other. We are still going with the same idea of abstract installation work from the glass. Due to I have some background in lighting, I think it would be cool to add some lights and laser to work and help it’s more appealing to audiences. To do that, we will have a play around with material [glass]. We want to do a cracking glass similar to this photo4

We have experiment with glass that available the DMC for the student, the result does not turn out well because the glass broke parts into small pieces and not hold each other like the picture above. Here is a photo.


By the end of the class, we have to go back to do some more research about the material and it’s turn out that to get the glass cracking effect you can either use a safety glass or perfect knocking on the glass [which impossible for us to do]. For this reason, we have looked into more artworks, which have lead us to the Perspex sheets.


What are we going to use the Perspex for? We are going to generate 8 different triangles [using CNC or Laser cutting] and join them together and shooting the light from the bottom. How is this work link to the concept? It is a repetition of triangles, coding that feeds to the cutting machine is also repetition again with lighting and placement. After we have presented our idea to the class and tutor, we get some every cool idea by making using origami ways.

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