Continue from week 13. We have finalized the cutting detail [picture blow] and we were getting the Perspex cut from the CNC service we have organized since 1st June as you can see from the second image.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.39.53 pm

Image 1: Drawing for CNC cutting


Image 2: organized the cutting with the service provider


Image 3: the service provider unable to complete the work in time [so we have to get the refund and start to do the cutting work by hand]


Image 4: the refund has been completed

At this stage, we went to Bunning and get the 5mm Perspex sheet and some equipment in order to complete the work such as a router, router bits, sand papers, clear adhesive, woods [for the stand]. During the process, we end up broke one of the router bits due to overheating speed. After the work being put together and clean up, we take the work to the place we usually go and get the photos of it combined with the lights from the flashlight. Here are photos of the processes: [artist statement in the photo below]


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