Week1 The Creative Process

Getting started, I’m going to be blogging weekly about this subject [Media Art Project] on learning processes and ideas toward the final project. I’m going to use the blog as my processes diary.

This week we are looking at the relationship between Art, Craft, and Research in the work. We have found that most of the aspect can be fit into two or three categories [if look closely] e.g. drone can fit into three categories. 1. Making drone fit into the craft. 2. Drone photography/ videography fit into art. 3. Driver less drone fits into research.

~ I heard someone in class said something like: We never see drone photography/videography as the artwork due to it missing craftsmanship. I would disagree with that. I believe that every work has its own crafts. But that crafts is the present, past or future definition of crafts. E.g. in order to get the drone up in the air and get a perfect picture, the operator needs to have the skills to direct the drone similar to the painter need to have skills to paint. I’m saying the technology is new and people don’t have enough time to truly understanding.


Looking at the work from last term [picture below] I would say that mostly fit into Art, Craft more than research. Using material that affects the lights and shape that represent the artists.



Note: from what I understand in order to appreciate the work, audiences/receiver need to have a mutually understanding relationship between the three [Art, Craft and Research] especially historical changes, culturally and regionally.

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