Studying in Australia

Coming to Australia to study was the best decision I made, and it’s changed my life. Six years ago I had gaming addiction problems that were resulting in dropping out of school. For one full year, I stayed at home and wasting my time with on computer games. One day, at the dinner table I heard my older sister talking to her friends about her experience studied overseas, that conversation makes me realized that I could do something more meaningful than stayed at home and playing video games. I started to do some research about countries and cities that I want to go; from the research, I found a cool small town near the beach in Australia with a population of around 200,000. It is Wollongong, and this is where my journey begins.

Coming here is very challenging for me in many aspects. First challenging was applying and entry requirements for the school. At the time I could not write, read, and speak any English, so to complete a school application form I have help from my sister and my friends. Midway through, my sister told me that there is an English requirement that I have to do. I remember I speak back to my sister in Thai saying I don’t know English, and I cannot write, I cannot read, what should I do? She answers back to me in Thai saying that she is going to get me an English tutor. For seven months I spent six hours a day, five-day week learning English from the beginning. The first three months I felt like I been locked up in the room with someone yelling English at me but later, it was great in the last four months after I can have a conversation back with my tutor as my English getting better. I remember it was Monday evening after the last class with my English teacher that I’m going back to the school application form, finished it and mailed it to the school in Australia by myself. It was the best feeling in my life (so far).

Next step, waiting for acceptance letter and visa approval. Waiting and waiting and waiting, its feel like six months but this process only took about two months. The school contacted me backs within one week and emailed me all the documents that I need to provide to the Australian immigration to get a visa. Visa approval took about six weeks, which is very quick compared to other people (ten weeks or more) because I have all the documents ready and submits them at the same time. Two days after I got my visa I booked a plane ticket to Sydney, which will leave my city in two weeks. Two weeks to say goodbye to my family and friends is not easy, and I’m not going to see them again until I finish my university degree.

First couple years studying in Australia is hard, no friend, no family. It took me two years to adapted to this country. As I am adapting, I meet an excellent group of friends who are always helping me with school works and keep me entertaining while I’m away from home. So far coming to Australia to study is the best decision I ever made. Family and friends are happy for me to be here studying.

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