Continue from week 13. We have finalized the cutting detail [picture blow] and we were getting the Perspex cut from … More

Week 13 Process Diary

This is a prototype from the population data growth over five years but for our final work, we don’t want … More

Week 12 Process Diary

Continue from last week we using the data to created prototype with from board. With this prototype, we want to … More

Week 11 Process Diary

This week we are still working on the old concept but if they’re something wrong we are having a backup … More

Week 10 Process Diary

Between weeks nine and ten I have made a prototype of the work with some paper, and Perspex. Here are … More

Week 9 Process Diary

Hi, and welcome back to my process diary, this week is the first week that everyone in the team meets … More

Week 8 Process Diary

From gartering everyone’s ideas about the works from week six, we have end up with five main concepts, which are … More